1. My DH drove me three hours one way yesterday to shop at LV... today is my actual B-Day. I finally got a little some thing from the MC collection (but) in no way I am finished yet. I got to hold my HG and I cant wait to get her, she is sooooooooooooo GORGEOUS and is hands down the prettiest bag I have ever seen. I also got to see a lot of other bags , they were pretty as well but oh look out MC speedy because ...Lords will before long ,you will be mine :drool:
    Heres my Cutie Pa Tootie and I :heart: it!!!

  2. The Wapity is too too cute! Congrats on the new addition and may you have a memorable and fun b-day! :party:
  3. Congrats.
  4. Happy Birthday!!:flowers:
    The wmc wapity is the cuttest little accessory ever! Enjoy!
  5. Yay!! Always great to celebrate one's birthday with something from LV!! I love the wapity!!! Happy birthday!!!!! That was nice of your DH to drive you over there and join in on the wonderful LV experience!!
  6. Happy birthday !!
    Congrats on the Wapity....
  7. Aww the Wapity is SO cute in white! Happy Birthday hun... enjoy!
  8. :balloon:Happy Birthday:balloon: and congrats on the wapity ... what a cutie!
  9. awww congrats! happy birthday.. the white mc is adorable!
  10. happy birthday and congrats on the wapity! i hope you are able to buy the mc speedy soon :biggrin:
  11. :balloon: Thanks everyone... A little LV makes any day extra special and having friends like you guys adds to the joy. God Bless You all!!!

  12. It will have to be soon :lol: I can not live with out that bag because it is the BEST!!! I am letting others go go go to get it and cant wait :yahoo: I will make sure to post photos as soon as I get one, keep your fingers crossed for me that it wont be that far away. :flowers:
  13. So cute :nuts: Congrats :smile: And Happy Birthday :flowers:
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The wapity is such a great piece =)
  15. So pretty, love the color combo! Congrats and happy birthday!