Happy Birthday to me..Happy Birthday to me...

  1. Hey,

    My b'day was yesterday and it was fantastic!!. I get to work all hot and annoyed because the train was running slow and when I get to my desk I have a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me from my boss, my coworker handed my a red velvet cupcake from Buttercup (my fav)...had that for b'fast. During lunch I went to LV to visit my fav SA and to get myself the Brentwood in Amarante...gorgeous. I mentioned that it was my b'day and she gave me a VIP gift:wlae:..my very first gift. I was so thrilled and excited I cannot even tell you. Next, I hop on the train and head over to 57th street to get the Thelma sunnies (in gold) that I placed on hold..yes, I finally found a pair in gold..couldn't believe it. The SA there were so nice that when I told them it's my b'day they gave me another vip gift:wlae::yahoo:. I was like wha!! OMG!!. Later on in the evening went to dinner to Victor's cafe with my hubby and best friend and had a fantastic time. We drank mojitos..a lot of mojitos and the food was so good...and I was present with a huge Gucci bag. What was inside? no not a bag...but new beautiful leather boots from the fall collection!!!! I litterly did the happy dance!!! It was such a fantastic day..I couldn't have asked for more.
  2. Happy belated Birthday, And Congratulations on your great gifts.
  3. Wow, sounds great!
    Any pics? I want to see your VIP gifts! :graucho:
  4. You cleaned up!
    Happy belated birthday! enjoy your new goodies.
  5. ooohh..yeah what were your vip gifts..
  6. Glad you had such a great bday! Let's see all your bday goodies!!
  7. Happy belated birthday and Congratz!!
  8. yay gifts! im going to LV on my bday! haha!
  9. Happy Birthday Congrats on the purchase and can i see a VIP gift thanks !!
  10. wow, now THATS what i call a HAPPY bday! hehe

    congrats and happy belated bday! :smile:
  11. happy birthday and congrats!
  12. Wow, happy bday! I'm glad your day was so perfect!
  13. happy Bday. congrats.
  14. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great one!
  15. Congrats and Happy belated Birthday