Happy Birthday to Me! CHOO CHOO!!!

  1. :yahoo:Happy Birthday to Me! :yahoo:

    2007_0728Image0055.JPG 2007_0728Image0057.JPG 2007_0728Image0060.JPG
  2. And it gets the Gracie seal of approval. :okay:

    2007_0728Image0061.JPG 2007_0728Image0064.JPG 2007_0728Image0070.JPG 2007_0728Image0071.JPG 2007_0728Image0075.JPG
  3. Last but not least, the requisite modeling shots.

    2007_0728Image0079.JPG 2007_0728Image0076.JPG
  4. So, how'd I do? Not too shabby for birthday #52. :graucho:

    This bag is TDF big time! It's calfskin, but feels like lambskin. Even softer than my Chanel Ultimate Soft. They just got this in yesterday (which is why I made a bee line to it when we go there: hadn't seen it anywhere before). Retail is (gulp) $1795, but in the world of Prada that's pretty good these days. It obviously has a shoulder strap, removable, but it's not long like a messenger strap. It's not even at its shortest in the pics. I'm going to take it up a notch or two. Has a magnetic snap closure and the handles and side straps can be adjusted as well. One open pocket on the inside and one zip close. Signature Prada lining. It's the perfect size for me. Yes, it has the :choochoo: luggage tag. And OMG, I can smell the leather clear across the room.

    :love: LOVES!!! :love:

    Excuse me now. I have to go smell and fondle my Prada. :tender:
  5. Beautiful!
  6. Gorgeous bag! Congrats on your Birthday! :yahoo:
  7. Congrats its gorgeous!
  8. Congratulations and Happy Birthday.
  9. Thanks guys! :nuts:

    Hey, I just realized that this bag is the hobo version of Aloutte's Bugatti satchel! No wonder I gravitated to it or more like ran to it.... :graucho:
  10. OH CRAP! I like this one better than my satchel shaped one...ROFLMAO......

  11. congrats!!!
    happy birthday
  12. Big DUH from me! :push: That's right! You got the Bugatti satchel too, Jill. Yessir, you'd love this one. So easy to get in and out of.

    By the way, I made a boo boo on the handle straps. They aren't adjustable after all. Who cares? I love it like it is. Meant to mention that it was still full of tissue in all the pics. When you take out the tissue, it collapses into a wickedly soft pile of yummy leather.

    drum roll:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Your Bag is a Prada
    And your psycho name is toooooooo!


    Applause for the B'day girl AND the new PRADA Beautifoo Bag-er-ooooooooo! :yahoo:
  14. PP, that bag is so freakin' hot!!! It's amazing on you!! Now THAT'S a b-day present. :party:

    Enjoy and congrats!!! [raising my glass of pinot grigio to you, lol]
  15. Wow. I thought you didnt like big bags? Looks great on you. Happy birthday, 52 is the new 40!!!! Remember that.