Happy Birthday To Me (again)

  1. I have been eyeing up this bag for weeks now, and only saw it in all blue, but now I bid and won on this awesome Epi Noe, and I can't wait for it to come!!! (I know I was waiting for my speedy, but I really love this bag!) I had it authenticated, and was so excited when they said it was good!! Whoo Hoo!!!! I feel for the price, it was a steal!!

  2. Happy B-day!!! Congrats on your beautiful noe.
  3. Thanks!! I am so stoked!!! I hope it does not take too long to get here!
  4. congrats on winning that noe.
  5. Happy Birthday and congrats on your purchase. The colour is tDF.
  6. awesome deal!!! Happy birthday!!
  7. Happy Birthday, and congrats on your new bag! Beautiful color.
  8. wow, great price. congrats.
  9. Happy birthday & Congrats!!
  10. Thanks!!:yahoo:
  11. Congrats, that's one sweet deal you got!
  12. Thank You! I totally know it!! She's sending it out Monday, and she said it's going to reach the states in about 3-4 days. She's sending me the tracking number tomorrow. I have no idea when I am going to receive this.

    Any Guesses? She is shipping it EMS?? from Thailand? Maybe 10 days? I have no clue!! Grrr.....
  13. Happy Birthday and congrats on the bag! It's such a pretty color.
  14. Thanks! I love the black and blue, it's very different. I also have my eye on a red and black on also! LOL!

    Man, my addiction has started!!
  15. WOW, great deal! Don't you love those eBay steals? I got a Sonatine for cheap on eBay too! Enjoy it!