Happy Birthday to Firstclass-please join!!

  1. Well Ladies, My birthday was yesterday and I just found out that Firstclass1
    has her birthday today.....Wow!!:yahoo:

    Please join and sing or write a little message to her from all of you and her taste
    with Bal Bags and her collection is so amazing.

    She is the best.
    Maybe you can post of pic.:supacool:

    Thanks so much, thought it would be fun to celebrate it in the forum.
    And thanks to Meg and Vlad for their message.

    The purseforum is really to best, I enjoy all your pics and it makes me want to buy
    more bgas, oh well, what can I say.:rolleyes:
    Go ahead now and join the fun......:boxing::woohoo:
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'I" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are the best!!! Wishing you the happiest birthday ever!!! You are first class for sure!!!:love::heart::heart::love:
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWISS!!! Hope it was wonderful!!!! :heart::balloon::heart:
  5. Happy B-day to U both.:yahoo:
    Hugs and kisses and nice bags.:flowers:
  6. Happy Birthday ! My birthday was yesterday as well and I felt so nice that some friends here noticed!

    I hope you have a wonderful time!
  7. Cyprus...Also Happy beated birthday.....October is a busy month for
    Birthdays....I know sooo many people and friends who have their
    b-day this month....too many parties!!
  8. Happy Birthday!!!!!
    May the day bring you happiness and handbags!!! LOTS OF HANDBAGS!!!
  9. OMG :wtf: I'm just speechless and overwhelmed :nuts: WOW .... THANK YOU SO MUCH dear 'J' Swissflower :tender: this is so sweet of you :love: !!

    As for you: your birthday was just one day before ... therefore:
    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to you too :party: . . .

    and also to CYPRUS of course :flowers: - ALL MY BEST WISHES to both of YOU :heart:
  10. Happy Birthday.......:yahoo:...Best Wishes......:yahoo:....Have a great day
  11. Happy Birthday to you both :yahoo:
  13. Oh I'm still so surprised and excited :blush: !!

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for all your good wishes and the very nice comments :flowers::tender::love: . . .

    dear 'L' zac.... , 'P' stylefly, fxvanleeuwen, Bambie, bobobags, riffraff and dear Roo :heart:
  14. Happy Birthday Firstclass1!!!! You are one of the sweetest people and I truly hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are!:tender:

    Happy Birthday Swissflower!!!! I hope you had a fabulous birthday celebration!!!! :flowers:
  15. Have a great birthday!