Happy Birthday Swanky Mama !!!!!

  1. Ok, SMoT's birthday isn't *officially* for five more minutes (EST), but who says we can't get this party started NOW?

    :yahoo:HAPPY BIRTHDAY :yahoo:


    :heart: Have a wonderful day and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :heart:

  2. Happy Birthday Swanky........Felicidades!!!!!:heart:H
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  4. Have an awesome birthday! :heart:
  5. Happy Birthday!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday ! :drinkup::party::queen:
  7. woooo hoooooooooooooo lucky Swanky Mama with Thanksgiving b-day!!! Have a wonderful birthday!
    :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
  9. *ahem!* (adapts Marilyn Monroe's voice):

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday Miss Moderator
    Happy birthday to you!


    Have a piece of cake!
  10. Best Wishes, Swanky! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers::
  11. :balloon: Happy Birthday! :heart:
  12. Happy Fab Birthday Swanky!!!
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hope you have a great one!
  14. Happy birthday! I hope you have a crazy wild party! :choochoo::drinkup:
  15. Happy Birthday!! :party: