Happy Birthday Roo!!!

  1. I know I'm a couple of hours ahead.. Happy Birthday !!
    enjoy your day!:drinkup::party::tispy:
  2. Happy Birthday Roo!

    Have some petit fours!
  3. Yay happy birthday!
  4. Happy birthday, Roo!!!! Tell me, does it suck to have a bday so close to Christmas? My DH just had a bday and I used up all my gift ideas on that. Totally drawing a blank on what to put under the tree.
  5. Hey Roo!

    Wishing a Happy Bday to one of the wisest TPFers I know. You deserve a great one. May it be filled with love and laughter!!!
  6. Happy Birthday, Roo!!
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! You live in a zoo! You act like a monkey and you smell like one too!
  8. happpy bday roo!!!! awwww this time last yr we had met and gone out in paris and everything!! how time flies! hope u have a great day
  9. Happy Birthday :flowers: Have a wonderful day.
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROO!!! Have a FABULOUS day!!:yahoo::party:
  12. happy birthday!

    hope your day is very special.

  13. Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day!
  14. :balloon::heart: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:heart::balloon:
  15. yaaaaay happy b-day roo! we love you!