Happy Birthday RACHEY07

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RACH!! :dothewave:
  2. awww thank you soo much!!! you're so sweet :blush::hugs:
  3. happy b-day
  4. [​IMG]


  5. have a wonderful birthday! yippee!
  6. Rachey, I hope you have the best birthday ever! :party::heart:
  7. thank you Beljwl, Dizzwizzy, Redskater, and Leslie!!!

    I appreciate the bday wishes! :biggrin:

    Anyone else watching the Oscars???
  8. me!!!

    really glad the guy from Inglorius Bastards won supporting Actor, he was awesome.

  9. Happy Birthday! :flowers:
    Have a beautiful day and hope you will have a lot of cakes and ...bbags! ^^
  10. He was amazing!! I love the awards shows...happy to share my bday with the Oscars :tup:

    Thanks so much! still banned...but i'll make up for it later :graucho:
  11. Happy birthday rachey! Have a great day, wish you all the best:drinkup:
  12. happy birthday rachey, may all your (bal) wishes and dreams come true. hugs.
  13. :flowers: Happy Birthday Rachey, all the best on your special day. :drinkup:
  14. Happy Birthday to you.
  15. Thanks you very much to Purses & pugs, Delmilano, Drati, and Necromancer!

    All your lovely birthday wishes mean so much to me :hugs::cloud9: