Happy Birthday Pursedaughter!!!!

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  1. Guess who that is?LOL.....My little girl Taylor.Also a member of the PF...SNIFF!

    She turned 11 today!!!


    LOVES YA!!!!!!!:dothewave: :party:

    I couldnt ask for a better daughter!
  2. Happpppppy Bdaaaaaay Sweet Heart:love:
  3. Happy birthday! Hope you'll have a wonderful day with lots of love (and pressies!). Have fun!!!:yahoo:
  4. Happy bday!!!
  5. Happy Bday! wonder what you will get...????:p
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :party::dothewave::woohoo:
  7. Happy Birthday Taylor!!! :woohoo:
  8. I just found the little gal a WII game system TODAY of all days..lol..She is gonna DIE!
  9. happy birthday and have a great day!!!!

    what did ya get? ;)
  10. Happy Birthday !! Have a great day !
  11. Happy Birthday! :smile:
  12. The WII is so much fun! I think I enjoy it as much as my son!

    Happy Birthday Taylor!
  13. Happy Birthday Taylor!

    Wii is so cool, everyone can play!
  14. Hey Taylor, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!!
  15. hey taylor! have a wonderful birthday.:smile: