Happy Birthday Oregonfanlisa!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday

    We love you and hope
    that today brings you
    everything you hope for and more!!!

  2. Happiest happy day to you Lisa!!!! I hope you get as much orange sunshine this year as you give away - cuz that would be A LOT!!
  3. Happy Birthday!!!!:yahoo:
  4. A very healthy and happy birthday, I hope it is a fantastic day and a super duper year for you. Have a great time and may you many many more healthy and happy ones to come.
  5. Happy, happy birthday!!! :drinkup:
  6. Aww, thanks jag, katel, missmargaux, mooks, & cinderlala!! I'm having a splendid day, and it's just barely after noon!

    - I reconnected with a very dear old friend :heart: via Facebook,

    - I packed for my trip to Vegas while re-watching the Holiday Bowl football game where Oregon ran over and through Oklahoma State:yahoo:,

    - and then I just saw the news that our most hated rival, the Washington Huskies, just announced that they violated NCAA rules AGAIN :nuts: and their new coach hasn't even been there for a month!

    :roflmfao: :busted:roflmfao:
    TTFN and hugs to everyone!! :heart:
  7. A very happy birthday to you!!!

    I have to laugh at your comment on U of WA and NCAA violations. I'm an old Big 10 alumna who saw the same few schools violate over and over. In the water, I guess.
  8. :heart: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :heart:
  9. :party:Happy Birthday Oregonfanlisa!!!:party:
    Wishing you the best day ever!!!!:biggrin:
  10. Happy b-day, Lisa!!! Hope you had a GREAT one! May the festivities last throughout this weekend!!
  11. OFLisa wishing you a wonderful birthday and a year filled with laughs, love and orange ;)
  12. Happy Birthday to you.
  13. Happy birthday!!!!
  14. Happy Birthday!