Happy Birthday Nanaz!

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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Happy Birthday!!!
  3. Happy Birthday Nanaz!
  4. Ladies, we just got home from my Bparty and i had to check this forum before i went to bed (could not resist). :p I can't thank you enough for all your lovely comments and warm Bday wishes. :tender: I am so happy to be part of this forum and share my special day with a group of super nice ladies that i just met not long ago. I really appreciate this from bottom of my heart and thank you so much again. :heart: Even though i never got to go to NY this Sat:sad: but i had a great time tonight with my bf and friends and of course you all made it even more special for me. :yahoo: Love you all and thanks again.:kiss: :heart:
  5. Shasta - Thank you so much. :heart: I just got home from my party and i am reading all your lovely comments with tears in my eyes (happy tears). :yahoo: Thank you, thank you, thank you,.............................................. :heart:
  6. I hope I'm not yet too late for this... Belated Happy Birthday!!!
  7. Happy Belated Birthday! Im glad you had a great time!!!
  8. Happy Birthday to you.. Enjoy