Happy Birthday Mrssparkles

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  1. From all of us at TPF... to the sweetest Mssparkes

  2. Yes, a happy, happy birthday to a very nice person.:heart:
  3. Wow, gorgeous Ostrich bag !!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you get a good dose of Orange Boxes!!!LOL!:yahoo:
  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Woohoo!
  5. Happy Birthday MrsS! May all your H dreams come true!
  6. Happy Birthday, mrss! May the Hermes gods bless you with abundant great orange boxes & even greater contents!!! May the good life gods shower you with great blessings to enhance your already blessed life!
  7. Happy b-day:yahoo::yahoo::drinkup:
  8. Thank you! I'm a little low energy at the moment. I think the heat got onto me today.

    archangel, how sweet and thoughtful of you to gift me my cyber ostrich bag! You're a real sweetie.

    asa, your friendship is precious. I want to make sure you know that. You're a smart cookie, going to your SA to approach my SA to suss out what I might like for a birthday present and gifting it to me, from all the girls. I did say no presents!!!!!

    tricia, asa, Amanda, Queenie & princessfrog ... Thank you all so much for your lovely present. It's exactly what I would have bought for myself. :P I was waiting for one to arrive. I contacted my SA and thanked her for helping to select the colour, and was told the story behind it. There wasn't any available (which was what she'd told me last week!). And there wasn't any that she thought I would like at the other stores either. But she made the SAs at the other stores check their incoming inventory, and it arrived just in time! How many days' advance notice did you give her?! And so she got it transferred from one of the other stores!

    I'm so touched by your friendship. I'm so touched you girls took a day/half day off just to spend my birthday morning/afternoon with me. The happiness you bring me fills my heart. You all know my DH is out of town, and it means alot to me. I will never forget this day.

    Here are the pics to share with the tPF ladies here what you all got me! See how matching the coloured insert is? I was really waiting for a bright coloured Ulysee PM, and bought the insert as standby! For the record, you all got me by birthday orange box! :heart::heart::heart:

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  9. MrsS - [​IMG] Wishing you a very happy birthday!
  10. duna, Cal, Medusa, baghag, Nola ... Thank you so much! This is the first year I get more (much much more) cyber birthday wishes than birthday wishes from my friends IRL!
  11. Happy Birthday!
  12. Thank you, HG. Rare tPFers like you make this place all so special (and addictive) :P
  13. MrsS, wishing you a marvelous day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweetie!!!
  14. Happy Birthday Mrssparkles :smile:
    Any surprise from DH?
  15. Amanda, you have known me a long time. Before H and now H. I am very blessed to have a long time friend like you, embrace Hermes together with me. Please remind your DH that you found this forum through your own resourcefulness. I've nothing to do with your H addiction! LOL. Love you lots. :heart: