Happy Birthday Maxter!!!!!!!!!!!old Fart!

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  1. ROFL...U know how much I love ya girl!!:heart::wlae:
    (thats how I know I can get away with callin ya an OLD FART!LOL!)

    This forum wouldnt b the same without u.....U MUST have a martini to celebrate JILL STYLE!!!!!hehe!:love:

  2. LOL...... Jill.

    I agree, it wouldn't be the same without you Maxter!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!:party:

    May this be the best one yet!
  3. maxter, love you, babe and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  4. Happy Birthday!!! At least she's no GRANDMA Jill. Hehe ROFLMAO
  5. ^I swear I KNEW that was coming..LMAO(and its GLAM MA!!!HEHE!)
  6. MAXTER, I love you!!! I hope you have a fabby fab birthday...lots of fun things to do and get wrapped in pretty paper :biggrin:
  7. Happy birthday, have a wonderful day!
  8. To the one with the most interesting posts EVAH -

    :yahoo: happy birthday! :yahoo:
  9. happy b-day:tup:
  10. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. WOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Happy Birthday Maxter!

    Party On.
  12. Happy Birthday!:woohoo:
  13. Happy Birthday, Maxter!!!!!
  14. Thank you LLF! LOL

    Jill - you are a bad@ass! Thanks a bunch girlfriend! You know if I were closer we would be having a 3 martini lunch today!! And then maybe some DDDR - Drunk DDR. LOL
  15. Happy Birthday!!