Happy Birthday Luvpurses24!!

  1. :party:Happy Birthday Cheryl!:party:

    :heart:I wish you health, happiness and lots of MJ bags. ;) Have a fabulous birthday sweetie!!:heart:
  2. happy birthday hun! :drinkup: hope you have a great day!
  3. Happy Birthday Cheryl! Many warm & happy returns aka MJs for the day! :p
    :party: :party:
  4. :heart::heart::party::drinkup:Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Cheryl! Hope you have a good one!
  6. :drinkup:Happy Birthday!!:drinks:
  7. :whistle::whistle:Happy birthday to youuuu, happy birthday to youuuu, happy birthday dear Cheryl! Happy birthday to you!! :whistle::whistle:

  8. happy birthday!!!

    i hope you're getting some mj bags today. :graucho:
  9. happy birthday!
  10. Happy Happy Birthday!!! :party:

    Go get drunk (if you drink) and buy lots of MJ bags! You'll be so happy in the morning that your hangover won't bother you!
  11. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Wish you all the very best. Have a great day!!!:yahoo::wlae::woohoo::hysteric:
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :yahoo::happydance::drinkup::drinks:
  13. Happy birthday, have a great one :drinks:
  14. :balloon::balloon::balloon: Happy Birthday! :balloon::balloon::balloon:

    Have a fabulous day - buy something MJ! :graucho:

  15. WOW!! - Happy Birthday!!! - We've been doing the "birthday dance" at our house -:yahoo:

    - You share a spectacular day with one of my daughters AND my aunt!