Happy Birthday LOUIS VUITTON

  1. Today Louis Vuitton would be celebrating his 185th BIRTHDAY!!!:nuts: :wtf:

    He was born August 4th 1821 at 3am!

    Happy Birthday Louis!:wlae:
  2. :rochard::drinkup::party:
  3. In Honor let's all go shopping at his Champs Store lol
  4. That fit's perfectly!!!
    Just got a call from the LV store that my bag has arrived! Thought I had to wait 3 more weeks!! Thats amazing!!
    Happy birthday Louis!!!
  5. Do you ever wonder what he'd think about the phenomenon he started? The LV monogram wasn't even designed until after he died.

    It would be a great day to make a purchase in his honor.....wish I could!

    Happy Birthday Louis!
  6. I agree, I would LOVE to see his reaction to the designs available today. Although he would proably be really rusty on fakes lol!
  7. Wow!! Happy Birthday Louis!!!!

    Someone should say that in french, no?? hee hee
  8. Um...something like this maybe?

    Joyeux anniversaire, Louis!
  9. Happy Birthday Mr. Vuitton. Aren't you amazed we are all still in love with your work - I mean artwork?
  10. Happy Birthday, Louis!! I soooo wish I could make a purchase today in his honor.
  11. Bonne fete mon cher Louis!
  12. happy birthday MR VUITTON:king: and i will be leaving for Paris tomorrow so will be in the Champs store in the next couple of days will also be visiting the St Germain which i actually perfer, happy shopping for me:yahoo:
  13. Happy Birthday!!
  14. :party: :drinks: :drinkup: :party:
  15. Didn't know Louis is a Leo like myself :smile: