Happy Birthday, it really is :)

  1. I finally received my Neverfull GM courtesy of DH for my birthday. It really is huge and I even took it shopping but forget to take a few pics. I'll do that soon.

    I'm heading out for an overnight date with some girlfriends and I have my GM all packed along with new favorite accessory - the fleurs key holder. The neverfull is a little stuffed because of my toiletries. There's still a lot of room in there for more crap.



    i tried it with ivorie epi but think the gold and silver clash

  2. Happy Birthday and congrats on the GM and the fleurs, they look great. Have fun!!!
  3. Happy Birthday and Congrats!
  4. Great bag and hot keychain :drool: I hope you have a great time with your girlfriends. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday! You have one sweet DH there. Congrats on the gifts!!!
  6. Congrats! Happy birthday :smile:
  7. Happy Birthday! Have a great night & congrats on your goodies
  8. Happy Birthday :heart: Congrats :nuts:
  9. Happy Birthday indeed!!!!! [​IMG]
  10. happy birthday and love the new loot!
  11. happy birthday! great purchase :smile:
  12. happy birthday!!! man, I really love the neverfull, can't get it out of my head! help *lol* have a happy bday again
  13. Happy Birthday!!
  14. Happy Birthday....hope youre having a fab day!
  15. Happy Birthday! Great gifts and love the fleur keychain; simply TDF!