Happy Birthday EmilyK!

  1. :yahoo:Wishing my twin Gemini Sister EmilyK a very Happy Birthday!:yahoo:

    Have a good one girl friend and stay away from the mall AND online stores! Love ya!
  2. happy birthday fellow gemini!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday also fellow Gemini!! :-]]
  4. Happy Birthday, Emily. Go shopping and enjoy! It's your birthday !
  5. Happy birthday to youuuuu!!!
  6. Happy Bday!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :drinkup:
  8. Happy Birthday!!!
  9. Thanks guys! This thread brought a big smile to my face!

    I'm carrying my new Prada Gaufre today to celebrate... I have to work so she's sitting on my desk looking pretty.
  10. :balloon:happy birthday!!:balloon:

  11. Happy birthday! :biggrin:
  12. Happy birthday, Emily!!! Get any cool loot?
  13. :dothewave:Emily! Happy birthday girlie! Did you wear your Marni shoes today? Have a great day :heart::party: <--- that was us celebrating on Saturday
  14. Happy birthday :yahoo:
  15. Happy birthday, have a GREAT day!