Happy birthday, edsbgrl!!

  1. Hey we have another birthday!! :tup:

    Let's give a huge birthday shout out to edsbgrl....have an incredible birthday, my dear!!
  2. Thank you Pursegrrl! :winkiss:
  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a nice day. :flowers:
  4. Happy Birthday ! Enjoy your special day ! :dothewave::party::tispy::lol:
  5. Thank you lv-lover and choozen1ne :winkiss: Hubby baked me a cake (gave it that homemade touch instead of from a caterer :tup:), decorated it and actually sang Happy Bday to me. This coming from a man that thinks such things are "girly". He gave me my gift this morning :yahoo:. Its been a very special day.
  6. happy birthday!!!
  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
  8. :winkiss: Swanky

    Thank you kallison!
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. :smile:
  11. happy birthday!
  12. Happy birthday!!
  13. Happy Birthday!!:party:
  14. How the heckle & jeckle did I miss this? Happy B-day weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Happy Birthday!!!!