Happy Birthday Decophile

  1. To my dear friend Decophile, hope you have a lovely birthday, with lots of smashing presents and wonderful food to eat.:party:
  2. Happy Birthday Deco!! Wishing you many more Balenciagas this year and in years to come! :flowers:
  3. happy birthday!


  4. Happy Birthday Deco

    Hope your day is fabulous :biggrin:
  5. Happy Happy b-day Deco!!
  6. Happy Birthday, Deco!!!! :party: Hope you have a great day!!!
  7. Happy Birthday!!!
  8. Oops I missed it..Happy belated! Where are you Deco!! :flowers:
  9. Have a wonderful birthday ~!!
  10. Happy Birthday Wishes to you!
  11. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope it was everything you ever dreamed of.
  12. Happy Birthday!!
  13. OMG how and when did i miss this.:nuts: Happy Birthday sweetie.:balloon::party: What a great timing.;):love: