Happy Birthday Boxermom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

  1. :party::party::party::party:

    Happy Birthday Boxermom Pat!!!!!

    May you have a Wonderful and Exciting Day!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!
  3. Oh jeez, Robyn! Thank you!!! Nothing slips by you. Thank you for the gift that arrived (already posted on the Sunshine thread)--I love seeing it on my kitchen counter!

    Megs and Vlad sent a happy b-day email--that was a surprise that is very much appreciated. Thank you, Jean, for the good wishes!

    I'm celebrating by birthday like a good tPF'r should--SHOPPING!!! with another PF'r, too. Doesn't get any better than that! If I come home with something great, I'll post pics!
  4. :balloon::heart: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!:heart::balloon:

    .....you are truly one of the kindest, most giving people on this forum, P. i wish for you the most special day! you deserve it!:heart:
    (i was not entirely sure of the exact date of your bday..... something will bearriving for you tomorrow!;) sorry it will be belated).
  5. Happy birthday, Boxermom!!! (And kisses from Duke, too!)
  6. Happy Birthday, Pat!!!
  7. Happy Happy Birthday, boxermom!!! Can't wait to see your birthday loot!!
  8. Happy Birthday!!!

    I Hope You Have A Wonderful Day!
  9. Happy Birthday to Pat, one of my favourite people here! It's a privilege to know such a kind and compassionate person!
  10. Happy Birthday- enjoy it!
  11. :drinks::drinkup::party::dothewave:


    hope u have a funfilled and wonderful bday...as u r sooo super sweet and we loves ya!
  12. Happy Birthday to a FANTASTIC girl!!!!

  13. Happy birthday!!
  14. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Pat!!!! I hope you have a fabulous, wonderful day.....you deserve it!!!!!!
  15. Happy birthday to one of THE most sweet, thoughtful, and generous people I've ever "met"! We are so lucky to know you Pat! Have a wonderful day!!!

    :party: :party: