Happy Birthday..again!!

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  1. I was sunning myself in Portugal last week when DD 'phoned to tell me that H had called. Picked up this beauty yesterday...
    TPF2.jpg TPF.jpg
  2. 35 togo with GHW :heart::heart:

    With her baby sister.
  3. Soo classic enjoy in the best of health
  4. Congrats! :smile: Both B looks very beautiful.
  5. Beautiful! I love black with GHW!:heart:
  6. Gorgeous! One of my favorite combos! With these two bags you have the perfect collection:smile:
  7. Happy Birthday! Love your bags! enjoy in good health!
  8. Congrats on the classic B, she is stunning....Have a great birthday...
  9. happy birthday and what a lovely birthday present :smile:
  10. Both are gorgeous :love: congrats and happy birthday
  11. Nice .... thanks for sharing.
  12. Lovely birthday present !!
  13. love it congrats !!! :love::yahoo::drinkup:
  14. Happy Birthday, enjoy your beautiful new gift!
  15. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on a Classic! :smile: