Happy belated Valentine's Day! Come in for a quick-strip.....

  1. Happy belated Valentine's Day to all my fellow tpf-ers! It was Valentine's Day, DH was travelling & got back in the evening, he was really tired so we sent our manny out to pick up dinner. Here's the bouquet of flowers that from DH that was delivered earlier in the day.....
  2. Hi Med - I'm here....

    Happy Valentines Day.

    Bring it on :popcorn:
  3. :woohoo:

    I am all set for a quickie, too!!:p
  4. Handybags, can always count on you ...I was pining for a certain colored bag that I have recently let go but a different hardware, was considering it in the same specs but a different shade earlier in the day but I passed as I still wanted this particular color. I was hanging out with DH after dinner about 830pm, when I got the call.....It was SM, she says you'll be glad to hear my voice, I said yes, yes, yes, & as fast as I could I made my way there first thing this morning......Here is the item with a welcome gift that I got for it!!!
    v2.jpg v3.jpg
  5. Oooohhh!!

    Open the box please. :popcorn:
  6. Woo-Hoo.....


    Are we guessing????
  7. Hi CB,I stopped at the bank before the H-store, so as I walked in to the store, I handed SM envelope of money for the item. She took out the bag, it was still shrink-wrapped, opened it & let me at it. Wow, I do love this shade, I thought I could live without this shade in this bag but I was wrong.........
    v4.jpg v5.jpg v6.jpg
  8. Gorgeous flowers BTW
  9. Here's a peek, any guesses?
    v7.jpg v8.jpg
  10. Thanks Handybags!
  11. OMG - Orange Kelly..... um 32..... GH???
  12. looks like something FABULOUS!!!!
  13. Handybags 2 out of 3, impressive!
  14. One more picture before the full reveal.....
  15. Here she is.......