Happy Belated Birthday to Me

  1. So I was ordering a 2007 refill for my groom agenda last Friday and couldn't resisit getting a little something extra. I ordered from the manager, and she was so nice and knowlegeable I've decided to use her from now on (my previous SA was nice enough but not the "one" lol) After I received it, I called again and am now officially the 1st person on the waitlist for Dentelle Cles and Ludlow at the Lahaina boutique :yahoo: . Plus I paid about $40 less than what I would have had I ordered stateside :wlae:
    LV scarf 004.jpg lv scarf 027 (2).jpg LV scarf 035.jpg LV scarf 025.jpg
  2. Happy Birthday!

    And congrats!!
  4. Congrats and Happy Birthday!
  5. congrats!!!!
  6. Happy Birthday! That's a gorgeous scarf!
  7. Happy Birthday! Good stuff.
  8. Congrats and Happy Birthday! :party:
  9. yayy so beautiful, congrats and happy bday!!
  10. hppy birthday! that's so pretty!
  11. Happy Birthday to you!!!
    enjoy the fabulous scarf
  13. Happy Birthday ValleyOppressed!!!
    And Congrats!!
  14. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! :party: Love the scarf:love:
  15. Love the scarf!!!! You'll be so stylish wearing that!! Congratulations and happy birthday!!!