Happy Bday to me, Fuchsia Baggy GM!!

  1. Ok....

    Last wk. I returned the damier speedy 30 which was a "early bday" gift. Well, exchanged it and got a Wh. MC wapity.

    Today, (which is my bday:biggrin: ) we went to LV. I was looking for a big bag. Something fun...break away from my fave mono line. Maybe MC but wanted to ck. out the denim line...especially fuchsia.

    Well....I took a look at the baggy gm, and baggy pm. WOW!!They are soooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went with the baggy GM in Fuchsia...I love the size, pretty close to my BH (which I love)...so...this is so nice to for summer, shoot perhaps year around. It's such a pretty color!!!:amuse:

    I'll be posting pics tomorrow! I feel so much better I returned the damier speedy for this. This "is" me!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Happy Birthday!! What a great gift. The fuchsia baggy is an amazing bag. Cant wait to see pics. Enjoy!
  3. "Happy Birthday", congrats on your new bag. Can't wait to see pics. Enjoy it and use it well.
  4. hey LVCRAZED, happy birthday!!! i'm really glad to hear that you're happy with your new Baggy GM... love that Fuchsia... cant wait to see pics 2moro! have a great b-day evening!!!
  5. Happy Birthday!! That bag is awesome!! Can't wait to see the pics!!
  6. Happy Birthday to you! I love the Baggy GM-I have it in blue and its too cool-you will love yours and get gazillions of compliments and the fuschia is fab !!!
  7. Thank You everyone!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin: It's so beautiful!! Thx all for the bday wishes!!!:smile:
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Congrats on your new Baggy, im sure it is stunning!:biggrin::yes:
  9. Happy Birthday and congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures, enjoy!
  10. happy birthday! you will love baggy gm! i :heart:my blue one:biggrin:
  11. happy birthday indeed!
  12. Happy Birthday! Awesome choice!
  13. happy birthday!
  14. Happy Birthday and enjoy your new LV! It's such a pretty color in Fuchsia!
  15. Happy Birthday. I have the baggy GM in blue and it is a great casual bag:biggrin: