happy Bday to me and say hello to my J12

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  1. Its my bitrthday today and my friend took me to a 5 star hotel for lunch and we went off to harrods afterward to do some shopping therapy.

    I first for all did not have anything in mind to buy but when i went to look at the J12 i loved it so much and bought it for myself. i went for the diamond marker 30.

    i was going to get it one day but never thought this soon.

    anyway i got £200 off becasue i said to the SA i will not buy it today becasue i am flying to HK in july and will get it in T3 with duty free. He didnt believe me i can get duty free in T3 at first but did after i said there is a chanel in T3 and i got a wallet and bag from there before.

    my friend asked whether he can give us a discount which he said no not on chanel so we walked off.

    just before we decided to leave harrods my friend took me back to the watch counter and he served us again. my friend asked whether he can reduce it from £2700 to £2500 because i am definately buying it, he did after asking his manager.

    so here it is, the pic is not clear cos i just took it from my phone.

    also he did confirm there will be a price increase in May. he said chanel jewllery normal increase once a year approx in april time.

    anyaway those with a J12 do u have any care tips? he said the ceremic will not turn yellow or scratch overtime.

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  2. oh he also said the increase will be approx 10% :cursing::cursing::cursing:
  3. Many Congrats Kaka, that watch is seriously beautiful, I can't believe that you haggled in Harrods! LMAO!!!! No worries on the maintenance side. Tha J12 is the most worry free watch you'll wear! I've had my black ceramic with d/bezel for 18months now and not a scratch. It still looks brand new!
  4. BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY.:dothewave:
  5. ^^^ thanks Syma. i cant believe it too. if think if it's not for my friend i will pay the full price. hahahah. i'm rubbish in haggling
  6. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your beautiful watch! The J12 is definitely on my wish list! :love: And that is so great that you got a discount - kudos to your friend! :yes:
  7. Kaka congrats on ur watch that is the one that I want- I hope that you enjoyed your birthday and what a great friend. i have heard that you can haggle the price of watches at Harrods- I think I would be too shy to try myself though!
  8. Great buy, I love to haggle, but would not think it would work in Harrods! good for you.

    I have same watch, and it will not yellow. It's stays the same color and does not scratch.
  9. Wow...please share your haggling tips ;) although I doubt that this technique would work anywhere in the states...

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your beautiful new watch!!
  10. That is one beautiful watch....
    Haggling at Harrods? You actually did that and got a discount? :woohoo: - you and your friend are GOOD!!!! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
  11. Gorgeous watch! Happy Birthday!
  12. Lovely watch congrats - I think the J12 with diamond markers is £2500 at most retailers currently, certainly at Watches of Switzerland (there's a a branch on Oxford Street). Not sure why Harrods had it priced £200 more but good on you for getting it at the "normal" retail price.
  13. Happy Birthday!!! Great watch.:love:
  14. love the watch, is that the 38mm? anyways congrats, i just love the j12