happy b´day lavan!!

  1. [​IMG]happy happy birthday lavan i wish you all the best and i hope you are enjoying you trip with DH to paris (don´t forget to tell us all about it though ;) )

  2. AH! La Van - I didn't know it was your birthday!! (thanks Lilach!)....Many happy returns - have a BLAST in Paris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes: :smile: :flowers:
  3. Happy, Happy Birthday LaVan!!!! Post report and pics as soon as you get back and hope you're having one HECK of a time!!!!!!
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LA VAN!!! And have a great time in Paris...you lucky girl !!!!;) :flowers:
  5. Happy B-day! Hope you're getting something nice!
  6. What a way to celebrate your birthday! We know you are having fun...enjoy!! Happy Birthday to you sweetheart! We love you here!!!
  7. Happy Birthday! Hope you get to make this Monday a Tuesday!
  8. Happy Birthday:heart: :heart:
  9. the best gifts come inside an Orange Box!!!!!!!!:heart:
  10. Joyeux anniversaire et bonne chance à Paris ;)!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday LaVan! Hope you have a wonderful birthday with lots of orange boxes!!!

    PS- and thank you Lilach for starting this thread!:flowers:
  12. LaVan, I wanted to wish you an EXTRA special birthday in Paris!, :yahoo: :drinkup: I hope you bring something wonderful home, and I can't wait to see your posts ! ALLES GUTES! :flowers:
  13. Happy Birthday! May all your H wishes come true!
  14. Happy Birthday La Van!! I hope you get TONS of orange boxes!! :flowers:
  15. Happy Birthday!!!
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