Happy Bag Thoughts Throught the Holidays :)

  1. Have a wonderful holiday season everyone .. just a note before we get to Christmas that I'd like to pass on from past years on the board. Just my opinions, and would appreciate others to contribute since we all want to be happy over the holidays and share in each others joy. Here's my 2 cents of happy bag anticipation.

    I'd so much like to see more happy thoughts on Christmas day, I always look forward to reading all the smiley posts of opening presents, but its so surprising how many of us seem to post dissapointing messages.

    Sometimes wanting a bag seems more exciting than actually having it -- when it actually arrives try to be gracious and pleased that someone feels so much about you that they wanted to delight you with what you expressed you really wanted.

    Maybe think of how you would want to approach the topic of switching out a bag you aren't 100% happy with for another without hurting someones feelings too much .. nobody wants to spend these big $$ on an unwanted gift if it can be easily exchanged .. but also try to get a feel for when they bought it to know if its possible for an exchange before bringing it up, if its too late, then be gracious and try to work it into your wardrobe.

    Consider how you would deal with receiving a non-authentic bag -- that's always personal but my suggestion is be gracious and thank the person .. no need to make an issue out of it. Your choice to use it or not, some suggest use it periodically around them and otherwise back in the closet --- lots of threads on this topic if you haven't developed an opinion yet if you run into this during the holidays.

    If someone you only bought a small gift for buys you a very expensive bag -- be very surprised and grateful, don't feel bad, they probably knew you'd be surprised, and maybe keep an eye out for something especially nice for them at a future occasion, birthday, valentines, etc. but don't feel bad -- Don't get guilted out, sad, dissapointed during the holidays.

    If you don't receive a bag you wanted, or any bag -- that's life -- it can be devistating if you really expected it, but not everyone can muster up the ability to put out the money for a purse no matter how much they can or can't afford it as a gift. Be gracious for what they do give you, and at a more appropriate time discuss with them how can you come up with a way to get the bag that means so much to you -- maybe they really just don't realise how much it means to you.

    There are many other things that can cause dissapointment, broken anticipation etc. over bags and the holidays .. it happens to many of us on the board -- tPFers are very good and supporting eachother during this and it is hard when so many are receiving everything and more of the items they have wanted -- try to keep positive, and support someone else who is in the same position as you -- for whatever reason many of us aren't getting any new items for Christmas -- some have already over spent, spent it all on the kids, thought something else was more appropriate, didn't think they needed any more, forgot, put it into a HDTV, put it into something for the family, on and on....

    There will be lots of other opportunities to acquire what you desire .. this is just one holiday tagged for gifts, and it may or may not be when you get your special item .. be prepared either way and before the day be thankful for all that is good in your life and know you have support for your love of fashion and bags here on tPF -- we love to hear your stories from the holidays -- please try to keep a smile in there somewhere so we can show support and keep the warmth of the holidays in the tone.

    Have a wonderful holiday season - be safe, and treasure all that is around you, mostly what can hug back :smile: