Happy B-Day to me...*pics*

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  1. Okay so technically my bday isnt till the 9th but I got an early present from my parents:yahoo:, actually i picked it out and ordered it they just paid for it, hehe. Anyhoo it came today, and i am sooo in love with it!!! Metallic Navy 2.55 227:drool::okay::love:

  2. Congrats and Happy Birthday!:party: Can't wait to get mine!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Happy birthday Lo! Congrats on your beautiful navy. It's such a stunning blue IRL, isn't it? Enjoy!!
  5. Beautiful!!!! Congratz and Happy Bday, your parents are brilliant, great way of giving a bday present!!!!
  6. Happy birthday~!!!
    That's so sweet of your parents to get you such a great gift~!
  7. percephonie you will NOT be disappointed!!!its GORGEOUS!!!! really a special peice

    thanks JEnn, it really is stunning IRL, I am soo happy I usually go to the store for pick ups but i ust had my SA ship to me and I am soooo happy
  8. Happy Birthday! It's a beauty!
  9. thanks Steffibp and tarabag, I admit my parents are the greatest:love:
  10. happy birthday and congrats!
  11. Happy Birthday
    :party: Congratulations, It's stunning :love::choochoo:
  12. Wow, nice parents! Happy early bday!
  13. Happy Birthday......what a wonderful early present! She's a beauty.....
  14. congratulations on your yummy navy *Lo! & happy birthday for the 9th :party:
  15. Thank you soo much for tyhe compliments and bday wishes kimalee, taco, jfhave, bagmad73 and vickianderson