Happy B-Day My Fellow Feb. 15th-ers!!!

  1. I'm the big 4-4 today.:crybaby: So far I gotta say- it sucks!:lol:

    Big hugs and warm wishes to:

    randelicious, trixie336, xtwinkstarx and xxroxy08!

    Hope your day is wonderful! Happy Birthday to us!:love:
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:drinkup: :drinkup: CHEERS! Hope it gets better for you! ((HUGS))
  3. Happy birthday to all you guys :yahoo:!
  4. HAPPY BDAY girlsss :party:

    aquarians rules!!! :yahoo:
  5. Happy Birthday I ... 44 is sexy! Check your email box girl! :graucho:
  6. Happy Birthday Bagnshoo! I hope your day gets better and better.
  7. Happy Birhday :love:
  8. happy birthday:yahoo:
    btw, I love your avatar, bagsnshoofetish

  9. oooh which e-mail did you send it to? PM me! my mailbox is empty!
  10. Happy, happy birthday...have a magical day....open the club tonight and we'll drink a toast to you!
  11. :rochard:woooohooooo!!!:rochard:

    Happy Birthday to all of yoooooo!!! :party:
  12. Happy birthday all! Bagnshoo..44? Way to rock!
  13. happy birthday! i know 44 may look grim to you now but believe me it's all good. :yes:
  14. Happy Birthday!!!!!!
  15. :heart::heart:Happy Birthday!!!!!!:heart::heart:
    Happy b-day bagsnshoofetish! and all you other 2/15ers!

    I'm only a year (actually 11 months and 13 days) behind you, and I think it just keeps getting better! Hope your day turns out to be most wonderful!

    Best wishes!