Happy Anniversary!!

  1. I just realised that it's a year to the day since I bought my first Mulberry bag - my beloved chocolate Elgin :heart: Little did I realise that it would be the start of a mini obsession.

    So, when did you get your first Mulberry?
  2. three years ago , and look what happened to me since !! mini obsession is not an accurate description , major would be better , but happy anniversary .
  3. My first was about 15 years ago now. It was a Helier in black congo leather which I still have.
    Can't see any sign of my Mulberry obsession easing up!
  4. I got my first ( Annie) last christmas as a pressie from my DH- I'd been lusting after it but wouldn't have dreamt of spending that sort of money on myself! This xmas it's my bayswater that I've already got sitting in my cupboard!
  5. My first (black araline) was bought late last december, so nearly a year ago now. Since then Ive had two more. I do think though that they have been worth it, as prior to buying mulberry I probably spent just as much money on buying lots of cheaper bags all throughout the year, then getting bored with some of them. Im going for quality over quantity nowadays!
  6. About three years ago for me,hubby bought me a blenheim as a suprise! Silly bugger!! I've got three now,and am hopefully taking delivery of another tommorow,except he does'nt know about that one............................oops!
    So are you going to celebrate your anniversary with a new addition,hhmm??xx
  7. Well, actually, I guess it makes sense to announce it on my own thread - I'm about to purchase a Phoebe :yahoo:

  8. Yay Ditab! You are going for the Phoebe after all. So did you decide on black or olive?
    I'm still loving my olive and I promise to get my arse in gear tomorrow and post pics. Just haven't had a chance yet.
    Me & Olive haven't been separated since she arrived. :love:
    I think I love her even more than Alana and Araline. I think it's because she's curvy, like me! :lol:
  9. Well, they haven't got any black in stock so I think I'm going to go for olive. I was only hesitant on the olive because I've been holding out for a Roxanne in olive at some point but I absolutely adore the colour :heart:. I'm going to Bicester in a couple of weeks but don't want to take the chance that they won't have anything I want that I can spend my credit note on. So, I'm going to get the olive Phoebe now and I can always exchange it at Bicester if I see something I prefer or if I don't love it IRL.
  10. Hooray Ditab,get the olive I've just finished drooling over Sarajanes new baby, and my gosh its GORGEOUS!!!! GET IT!!!!XXXXXXXXXXXX
  11. I got it!!!:yahoo:

    Should be here Monday :tender:
  12. Roll on Monday. Can't wait to see yours in action too.
  13. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! Bet you can't wait!!XXXXXXXXXXXX