Happy Anniversary to me :)

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    The kids are at their grandparents house for the weekend. DH took me out to Niagara Falls for shopping to mark our 11th year wedding anniversary.

    There weren't any good deletes but I got what I went for.........jewelry!!!!!

    ~Miranda Rope Op Art Disc Earrings
    ~Tony Duquette Sunburst Drop Earrings which I have wanted since released
    ~ Signature Medallion Earrings.

    I've always wanted this phone charm but have passed on it. Today, I wasn't leaving without it. Here it is on my iPhone:

    I know this last purchase isn't Coach but I wanted to share. My gorgeous MK Layton in Aqua (reminds me of Coach's aegean) that DH picked out for me! I'm a huge fan of outer pockets and this bag has 6!!!!! The leather is soft and it is very comfortable on the shoulder. :love: I've already moved in!!!

    Thanks for letting me share!!!!!!! :biggrin:

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful earrings. Where do you attach that phone charm? I'm guessing my Otterbox is blocking it or you have a special phone case!
  3. Happy anniversary! (mine was the 17th!) The color of your MK bag is TDF!
  4. Thank you :smile:. I've attached it to my musubo case & not the phone itself. :biggrin:
  5. Thank you! Happy Anniversary to you too!!! I love this colour!!! It's sooooo luxurious in person :biggrin:
  6. OOHH, your goodies are pretty and your Michael Kors is stunning! Happy anniversary to you.
  7. Happy Anniversary Friend!!!!!
    Love your new jewely. The MK is absolutely beautiful (got myself a new MK today too!). I've never seen the Coach charm before, it's super cute!
    Enjoy your weekend without the kiddies!!!
  8. Love all your goodies, and the MK is awesome. Happy Anniversary. Mine is coming up in Oct, but it will 28 years.
  9. Happy Anniversary! Love all your new things!
  10. Happy Anniversary! I love your new jewelry and phone charm - and that is such a gorgeous MK bag! What a fabulous color! Congrats!!
  11. Love all your new goodies! Congrats, and happy anniversary!
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    Thank you so much!! :biggrin: I was so happy that they had the earrings!! I got the last pairs for 2 of the 3 so I'm very happy we went first thing in the morning. It was the first time I've been to the outlet on the weekend and there was NO line up! :woohoo:

    Long time no talk!!! How are you, Hun? Inbox me!!! I want to see your new MK!! :hugs:

    Thank you very much :smile: WOW!!! 28years! That is amazing!!! You must share your secrets on how to have a long & successful marriage. 11 years was a long hard journey for DH and I. :peace:
  13. Thank you very much! :biggrin: I was lucky that I went first thing in the morning b/c I got the last pairs of the rope op art and TD sunburst earrings. I checked them out last week and was hoping they would still be available today! :party:

    Thank you so much :smile::smile: The colour is what got me:smile:! I have seen this bag online many times not giving it a second look. Then I saw it in the "aqua" and I was blown away. It is the softest leather I've ever felt :happydance:

    Thank-you!! :ghi5: I realized this morning that I didn't have any gold jewelry. The earrings were a great deal (went for 1 pair & left with 3 pairs) and the MK bag has gold h/w so it will all coordinate perfectly :biggrin: yay!
  14. LOVE that bag, but I already told you that! And I will be coming over soon to borrow it .. LOL!
  15. Happy Anniversary!!!!
    Very Cute earrings and love the phone charm!!
    What a great Hubby to pick out the MK bag!!!
    Love the Color and the style!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: