Happy anniversary to me!

  1. Today is anniversary day! Nine years ago, I fell in love...four years ago, I said I do. My husband is such a loving and understanding person. He makes me laugh and he is such a wonderful dad to our two boys.
    May 10, 1998: We were in spanish class together and on the last day of class, he asked me on a date. He took me out on Mother's Day, bought AJ a red Local Motion jacket and we ate dinner at the Charthouse in Wailea. When he brought me and AJ home, he surprised me with a dozen pink roses in a clear blue vase. A goodnight kiss took my breath away.
    November 17, 2001: We went on a trip to Kauai and enjoyed our time there. We were two "filipino tourists". On the way back from Kauai, as our plane was taking off, he put a ring on my finger and asked me to marry him. I said yes, and my heart was his.
    May 10, 2003: Our wedding day was at IaoValley. A small and private ceremony, performed by a judge, surrounded by loved ones. I was pregnant with B...round bellied but happy nonetheless.
    October 11, 2003: Our church blessing was at Maria Lanakila Catholic Church in Lahaina. I lost the "baby fat" and got to wear my custom made wedding gown...I felt like a princess and AJ walked me down the aisle. A more formal wedding with family and friends that we love around us. A reception at LCC ended our night.
    And here we are on May 10, 2007...still going strong...gotta love it! I do!:love:
  2. Happy anniversary!!
  3. Happy Anniversary. What a lovely story.

    Wedding at Iao must've been so beautiful and amazing!!!
  4. Congratulations!!
  5. yaaaay happy anniversary!

  6. :drinkup: :tispy: Happy Anniversary!
  7. Congrats! Have a magical day!
  8. Awwww, how amazing! Happy Anniversary! :drinkup:
  9. Congrats to you and your DH!