Happy Anniversary Tara!!!!

  1. :heart::heart::love:

    Happy Anniversary Tara!!! Hope you and Justin have a wonderful day and evening and I hope you get some nice pressies!!! Don't forget to remind him how lucky he is!!!

    Also, don't get too wild......:shame::lol: We know all about you!!
  2. Happy Anniversary Tara! Regards too, to your Irish DH!
  3. Happy Anniversary!!! (how many years is it????):flowers:
  4. Happy anniversary :tup:
  5. Aww, happy anniversary! :smile:
  6. Hope you had a lovely day.
  7. Yay, congrats Happy Anniversary :flowers:
  8. Cheers guys, had a great day DH got me the Mulberry gold loveheart keyring(bless him!!)
    Went out in the evening to Delia Smiths new Restaurant and got rather "merry" had a wonderful time to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary.
  9. Yay, congrats! So glad you had a lovely time - how sweet of your DH to give you the heart!
  10. Congrats Tara! You´ve got a DH which gives you great gifts. A Mulberry heart and the beautilful Mau:tup:!
  11. You are one lucky lady! You enjoy that DH of yours...!
  12. Hey Tara,
    Glad you had a great day and evening!! What a sweet DH!! Nice to know that he realizes what a great girl he's got!!
  13. Ooooo Tara !!! Congratulations!! Sorry I'm late hun!!:flowers:
  14. Congratulations, Tara. It sounded like a lovely evening.
  15. It was a lovely evening and nice to spend some time with him without the kids in tow (sorry if this sounds harsh!!)

    He made me die today...went shopping today and got some goodies from HOF
    estee lauder running a promotion, couldn`t say no.!

    When I came back home DH spotted the HOF bag and said straight away "good god you haven`t gone and bought that Milton bag have you"....
    as if....our bloody cars not worth as much as that bag, he must think that i`m really "nuts"!!(if I had the money I would!!)