Happy Aniversary to Coach?

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  1. So, coach was born in 1941... right? Coach is turning 70! Do you ladies think that there will be some special bags this year to celebrate? Like an anniversary edition, or special limitted edition bag???
  2. Im sure they will have some kind of Anniversary bags.
  3. If they do have anniversary bags, I hope they're not too anti-climactic. I can't imagine that they'd top some of this year's styles.
  4. would be awesome if they would make some bags with different linings, maybe some awesome patterns

    or an online store would have drop down menus , making it easy to choose your style and color or colors you desire

    would love it,,,,,, if you could just pick the style you want, and hardware you want and then finally the lining you want in the bag
    and they make it for you, LOL

    that would be awesome for their 70th year

    i know i am dreaming, LOL
  5. Thanks for the heads-up! I'm sure they will have something so I better start saving now!!
  6. Maybe a $70 anniversary bag? Wishful thinking....More likely a $70 anniversary key chain :P
    It'll be neat to see what they do.
  7. Funny, we are thinking / wishing along the same lines! I was just talking to my SA yesterday about that. I saw a few bags that I liked, but I didn't like the hardware or the lining colour .. LOL!

  8. That WOULD be cool. Like a build a bear workshop but with Coach bags.
    I'm thinking they'll probably have some awesome anniversary bags, remember the 65th and Legacy? 70 is even more of a milestone, come on Coach - celebrate by amazing us!
  9. it seems that all the bags lining are either purple, beige or teal ... bring back the legacy !!!
  10. Yeah I remembered the Legacy bags during their 65th anniversary. Those were to die for.
  11. ^^ I must be the only one who does not like the Legacy pattern [please do not throw rocks :smile:]. I really, really like the deep red that they are using in the Black Madison Leather Shoulder Bag and the dark Teals and Purples :smile:/
  12. I also love the dark Teal!I have never seen the dark red or teal in any bags before.Hey it's better than beige or lavendar.
  13. I'm dying to know if there will be any special bags this year, just like the legacy line for the 65th anniversary. Has anyone heard anything yet??
  14. I'm not wild about it either, they kind of give me a headache (and also kind of reminds me of the "off air" signal that you would get when you turned on the TV in the AM back when the stations did not all have overnight programming...for any that are old enough to remember this!) I do hope they come out with something special for this year though!
  15. Hi,
    I believe in honor of the 70th Anniversary of Coach, Coach came out with the Legacy lining in the Poppy line. The Highlight and the Rocker have the Legacy Lining as well as the The Poppy Slim Zip Wallet and the small Wallet . No other word of other bags for their Anniversary.

    Lynne :biggrin: