happy and sad time: i am moving - see you all in a few weeks

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  1. dear fellow tpfers -

    well, the time has come that I am moving to my hubby - about a 5 hour plan ride away from my family home.

    I am so excited about new beginnings, being with my hubby again after over 1 year and just seeing each other twice... but

    at the same time I am so infinitely sad to move away from my family :crybaby: (this is me for the last few days)....

    it is ridiculous, I am almost 30, am married, have a child and am starting some form of a career - and I just cannot bear the thought of not seeing my parents every day... and the funny thing is: i have lived around 10 years in UK, so it is not like i haven't done it before. hubby tells me that I managed to do that fine, so why am I so sad now? maybe because they are sad, not to see my son everyday? never mind - the point is: i love them, without them i wouldn't have managed to finish my PhD and now a new beginning is coming up.

    thanks for listening to a rather teary gal (too early for all this emotion...). btw, won't have internet right away (hubby probably did NOT arrange for that) - so see you all in a few weeks when everything is set up!

    have a lovely summer
  2. Hey Lara, i think it's just normal. you love your parents and it's nice to be able to spend time with family even tho you'll be reunited with DH. We get attached to those in our lives and it's hard to suddenly change and be separated. but you will adjust in time and i'm happy you'll finally be together with DH=)

    I'm going through the same thing right now. i have my family problems but now that i'm moving, i'm suddenly upset and afraid something will happen if i'm gone. i'm goin to miss my grandparents so much and i will miss not being able to drop in and have lunch with them. =(

    All the best, have a great trip and see u around in a few weeks.

  3. Good luck! I love hearing about you, how your studying was going and your wonderful and thoughtful opinions on a wide variety of subjects.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
  4. Good luck on the move!
  5. Good luck with the move Lara!
  6. Lara, good luck for the new beginning... I know I probably be teary too if I've to leave my parents for couple years, but, you can always visit...
  7. Good luck..u will be fine..U just need to adjust to the huge changes in your life..Just think of how much more you will appreciate your family when u finally get to visit each other
    HUGS!**U will do great...best wishes for a smooth move!
  8. Thanks y'all - going to the airport!

    take good care, have a good summer and loves ya all!
  9. I know how you feel....:crybaby:.....soon you will be in a new routine and that will help.
  10. Good luck Lara, and see you on here soon.