Happy Accident but still unhappy/uneasy

  1. I just got my louis vuitton vintage bologne back from the Louis Vuitton store by mail. It took about 4 months for it to return. When I mailed my Vuitton, I specifically wrote a letter detailing every repair (I had several bags that were repaired earlier and I picked up). I discussed it also on the phone with the manager.

    I asked for only 2 of the patches to be replaced since one had holes in it and the other was just making me nervous because of its state. I also asked for the zipper to be replaced and most especially, the lining to be replaced because little fragments were ending up all over my stuff (like horribly). The person reminded me that it would look off if I only got 2 patches done insteadd of 4, but I said thats all I want (I planned to pseudo tan them when I got back) because with the lining issue, it was going to be expensive to do all 4.

    Well I got it back today and happily the zipper was repaired. However, the lining was not replaced at all and I was charged for and they did 4 patches to be replaced. I call it a happy accident because it does look better.

    However this makes me uneasy because I have been infatuated with Vuitton for a about a year now and this is a 5th case of bad customer service I have recieved. :sad: I still love you Vuitton! I just wish with the price increases, they got more right.

    Just wanted to share that even writing a letter +talking with manager doesn't ensure perfect repair.
  2. oh and I forgot the other thing. One of the patches already has a major ndent in it and another patch has already stress lines. It came shipped like that.
  3. can you bring it in to an lv store and speak to them about it? i'm sorry about your bad repair. they should have done what you asked them to.
  4. oh no! can you send it back?
  5. I would ask them to have it redone. I'm SO sorry that happened to you. That's just not acceptable at all. Was your lining peeling? My cosmetic pouch that I use (actually from my large bucket) is peeling all over the place too, so I know what you mean - I just use it for receipts now.

    I would take it in and go see the manager. The lining should be replaced, which will probably take another couple of months, but they should do it right and not charge you anymore. How did the dents happen? Did they not ship it well? That should be fixed too. We will be rooting for you !
  6. See heres the thing. I assume that the bag got the indents before it left the shop because the packaging was supreme. They used a box two times the size of the bag and put these air packaging around the rest of the box + extra tissue paper.

    Part of the reason I don't want to return it is because I'm tired of fighting with Vuitton (so this is sorta whining sorry! and informing people). I'm not talking about this bag, but the other incidents have made me tired of this thing that I will know will happen:

    They'll accuse me of not stating exactly what I wanted. Then we'll argue back and forth and then they'll admit their mistake and then I'll have to fight with them again because they forgot to call me/ talk to me before they did something else.

    I'm just tired of it. The reason I'm settling is that its a happy accident, it does look better. I live 10 hours round trip from a store so if I lived next to one, yeah I would put up a fight.
  7. Call them, ask for the manager, and camly tell them I am sure they will remember the conversation, and even if they don't ARGUE THEY NEED TO KNOW, this crappy service is just going to keep happening, and I am really not pleased with them and their degrading service and the nerve they have to raise their prices. Absolutely terrible. Please call them, but it is your choice.
  8. I would call and explain the issues.Dont let it go
  9. Yes, definitely don´t settle for sloppy.
  10. how much did they charge you for repairs??