Happy 8th March Ladies!

  1. I know most of you probably don't celebrate it...but today is International Womens' Day! :yahoo: :yahoo: As I come from Russia, for us its a huge huge celebration, kind of similar to valentines day, but this time only women get gifts and flowers!! Just want to wish all the lovely ladies here lot of happiness, love and health!! Oh and of course...a dream bag...:nuts:
  2. :supacool: !! Thanks! And, Happy International Women's Day to you too!:heart: :flowers:
  3. Thats so cool..
    OK ..somebody buy me some flowers..eh hem....ROFL..Kidding..Have a fun day!it sounds so cute!
  4. aww thanks, same to you! we used to celebrate in Poland, but it's no big deal in the states! my BF is polish, maybe i'll get some flowers ;)
  5. well my BF is greek, and since i am not about to miss an opportunity to get a gift or flowers, i made sure he knows all about it a week in advance! LOL
    So he told me today that he will take me to Louis Vuitton! WoooHooo!! :smile:
  6. Happpy 8th March Ladies :heart: and gents LOL
  7. Happy 8th of March then, lol! It's my Dad's birthday today, so he's the only one getting gifts :biggrin:
  8. Ill Take it !!! Happy 8th Ladies !!
  9. Thanks for letting us know about 'our day'!
  10. Happy 8th of March! We celebrate here in Ukraine! I placed earlier a thread asking everyone if they are celebrating it, so I think now more people know about it! I think, Svetty, thanks to us soon it will be a truly international Women's day!
  11. It was 22 years ago today that I had a baby girl. She has grown up knowing she was born on one of the most important days of the year, a day for all women of the world to celebrate our accomlishments and to realize we have a long way to go. She was groomed to be a future mover and shaker of the world and I do believe she's on her way. Happy International Women's Day fellow PFers. and Happy Birthday to my baby!
  12. ^ Happy birthday to ur daughter!!!!!
    Sh should be a great woman:p

    ^ I wish I celebrate the day:push: