Happy 4th of July to everyone!!!!

  1. Hi ladies and gents,

    I just wanted to say Happy 4th to everyone! I just thought we should all take a moment and think about what a great country we live in. Even with all the problems and things that people don't like, it still is a great country to live in! We are very lucky to have opportunities and luxuries that many, many, people in other countries don't have.

    So, happy 4th to you all!!!!!

    :rochard: :rochard: :rochard: :rochard:
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  3. Happy 4th of July to our wonderful neighbor!
  4. Happy 4th of July, my American friends. :biggrin:
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  6. Thanks and happy 4th to you all! The parade activities start in an hour. I'm feeling blessed today! Everyone party safely! :supacool: (I love this guy-had to add him in somewhere...)
  7. Thanks for posting tr44, happy 4th to you too !!

    Happy 4th Everyone !! :biggrin:
  8. Happy 4th everyone!!! ,stay sober!! dont drink & drive!!!!
  9. yeah same here, Happy 4th to all.. be safe if u r gonna be driving around.. so many ppl driving who might be drunk..
  10. Happy 4th of July to everyone south of the border!
  11. Happy 4th to everyone who celebrates!! :amuse:
  12. Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope everyone has a great Independence day!
  13. Happy 4th of July everyone! Have a wonderful, safe 4th of July.
    Please be careful with kids and fireworks.:flowers::cutesy:
  14. Happy 4th of July! Please remember to keep your pets inside as well - they might be frightened by the fireworks and run off if they are outside.