Happy 4th of July from us to you!

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  1. [​IMG]

    Vlad and I are in Key West for the 4th, but we just wanted to say Happy 4th of July to all of you who celebrate!! Be fun, stay safe, and wear some fashionable red, white, and blue!! :yahoo:

    Anyone know the bag in the picture??
  2. Happy fourth of July to both of you too! Love the pic but couldn't tell you what bag it is. I'm sure someone out there can though!
  3. If I tell you what it is...does that mean I win it? LOL have fun, hope to see you in the morning.
  4. LOVE YOU M&V!!!!

    Happy 4th from Iraq!!! I am on shift right now, as usual :biggrin:
  5. Happy 4th to all in the USA! Have a great weekend at Key West Megs & Vlad!
  6. Great pic! Something from Ferragamo? Happy 4th to you as well M & V and to all of tPF!!:yes:
  7. No idea on the pic, but it looks lovely! I wish I wasn't afraid of white bags!
    Happy Fourth to everyone in the states! Megs and Vlad, have fun in Key West :smile:!
  8. Happy 4th!!! I say Ferragamo, too! Do we win something hahaha
  9. We are right now at Ponte Vedra, Florida watching the fireworks........HAPPY FOURTH TO ALL OF YOU
    SO PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN......................
  10. Happy Fourth!!! The bag is a Ferragamo Marisa.
  11. Thanks!!! Happy 4th to you too!
  12. i'm late, but happy 4th! hope you guys are having a blast in key west! :heart:
  13. It is Ferragamo!! I have a larger image of it on Purseblog.com :smile:

    Thanks everyone! Hope you all had fun and were safe :smile:
  14. I just saw this thread!!!

    And I am in LOVE with that pic!!!
  15. I'm late but I just wanted to say thanks to Candace for doing whatcha do for us!! :hugs: