Happy 21st Bday to Me...early.


Eleventh & Sixteenth
May 7, 2008
801, Utah
So my 21st birthday is quickly approaching... Aug 20th. and I just recently got fabulous news and got a internship with the minor league hockey team in Utah for Public Relations, so im completely trilled. In honor of my achievements and utter excitement i decided to waste time and treat myself to alittle shopping, and I am SO GLAD I did. I was browsing around the local Nordstrom Rack and my eyes came across something I NEVER thought I would find at the rack, EVER....

2009, Holiday Metallic envelope clutch...:nuts:

I literally couldnt believe my eyes, jaw dropped. best part was, it was marked for 299.99...that moment I about fainted...Theres hope for broke college students after ALL! I suddenly called everyone I knew, and majority of the responses were what is a Ballll..enci...aga??? ha ha so knowing that no one else could reassure my purchase, I put everything else back and paid for the bag. CLOUD 9...can I tell ya... :faint:

Early birthday present to myself I like to call it, my second Balenciaga.
One I never thought I would receive and I think I am the first Tpf'er to own it in the metallic... well that is if Kim Kardashian isn't roaming around the forums....

So allow me to introduce my second Balenciaga:

On top of my car, no flash... Excuse the Blackberry photo.

At home, with flash.

Modeling pictures, please excuse my messy apartment...:P

I hope you love it as much as me :drool:
Happy Early B-day to meeeeeeee.


just one more...
Feb 17, 2009
Nordstrom Rack?! OMG you are so lucky! Congrats on your achievements, that internship sounds amazing. and have an amazing 21st bday!


Mar 23, 2007
Congratulations! That's such a steal! Happy birthday in advance, as well.