Happy 20,000 Posts Jill!

  1. Heres to a fabulous Mod, a kind heart, and most of all, a handbag, prada, and shoe addict!
  2. rofl!!!!:roflmfao::love:

    sniff.....Thanks so much!!!

    I loves it here and all of u are my Pf family!:heart:
  3. WWWWWooooWWW!!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts:

  4. Congrats on 20,000 posts!
  5. Have a martini (or two) to celebrate! :drinkup: I know I'm having a few tonight. :roflmfao:
  6. Congrats Glam-ma! You're the hottest granny in the whole world :drinkup: And def can out drink any granny I know...rofl!
  7. Wow Jill, of course you beat me!!
  8. :woohoo:Congratulations Glam Ma.......we all enjoy your posts a lot!!!!!:heart:H
  9. wow...20,000 is alot of posts!!!!
  10. WOW Jill, these deserve a toast!!
  11. WAIT! Jillys gonna be a granny?!?
  12. WOW! 20,000 posts! Congrats Glam Ma! (Any baby news yet?) Keep typing!
  13. ^LMAO.....She is due feb 19......soooooon!!!!!!!!I still cant beleive Im gonna be a glam ma......SIGH!
  14. congrats on the posts, let them keep on coming!!:tup:
  15. lololol, jill is a pf junky, keep going girl