Happy 12A Red Classic Flap replacement Reveal

  1. I really had hard time to find this prefect piece. Thank you so much!!!
  2. Thank you!!!
    Thank you!!!
    The 12A red m/l is really a bag to die for. I love it's true red without any orange undertone or dark red. :p Thank you so much.
  3. It's a beauty. LOVE<LOVE<LOVECongrats
  4. Congrats!!! Do u mind to tell me the SA contact info? I really want to get a 12a classic too! Thanks!!
  5. OOOH! Lovely and cograts!
  6. Thank you so much Canneiv for the sale info!!!! Hope i am lucky to get the bag like yours :smile:
  7. its a beauty for sure!
  8. Thank you for all your nice comment!!! I really love my 12A red flap. For those who think to get one, don't think, go get it. It's too beautiful to get it go.... :graucho:
  9. YAY!!!! I´m so happy for you. Your m/l flap looks amazeballs!!! I´m in looooove :cloud9:
  10. Love red..congrats.
  11. i love the color i wish i could find one similar to that...
  12. anyone Ho an idea where can I get the 12A red? Looks like it is hard to get it now. :sad:
  13. I actually am visiting Tokyo and found the 12a red in m/l at Takashimaya. Maybe if you call there, they will ship overseas or wherever you are. I was also told there was a jumbo at Bergdorfs in NYC
  14. congrats! stunning color
  15. Such an amazing red! Congrats!!