*Happy 1,000 posts*

  1. I know it's corny. It's kinda like that girl who sent herself flowers at work or that one who threw herself a surprise party. But well, I need to celebrate my 1,000th post (sorry i captured this [​IMG] right afterward lol) by throwing a party up in here! :party: :jammin::yahoo::nuts::woohoo:
    It's been such a fun ride so far and it's been a blast getting to know this big LV family. And never have I had any interest in LV until I joined two months ago (good lord, has it only been 2 months?!). Then, I basically sold my soul lol. No turning back now! As Ethan's Mommy says, I :heart: you guys. Now where's the tequila...:idea:
  2. Congratz Ichelle! What will you buy to celebrate your 1000?

  3. girl, i think i've done enough damage already!
  4. ^^^But they're all so pretty! Just use them a lot!
  5. Happ 1000 post. You always take the best pics.
  6. awww. thank you :heart: i love sharing them with you guys!
  7. Happy 1000th! And thank you for sharing information. Because of you I ordered my red space pen, filofax credit card holders and zipped compartment, bought cherry JC charm for Damier, more JC charms for other bags. Now if I go out and get a Noe with a groom bandeau you are in big trouble girly ;)
  8. Congrats on 1000! :party: That's a lot of posts! I joined in Jan too, and I'm only pushing 400. :shame: And before I signed up...I owned zero LV. Now I'm obsessed! :nuts: :upsidedown: :nuts: Not only do I want more LV than I can afford, but I also want a new G7!;)
  9. LOL LOL LOL. you guys crack me up! :roflmfao: you know i'm here to help ;) we're all in this together!
  10. happy 1k...awesome bags you've got!
  11. thank u. reminds me, i need to change my sig pic soon...
  12. Congrats ichelle. Hope you continue enjoying TPF. :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :dothewave:
  13. yay, congrats! :yahoo:
  14. happy 1000th ichelle!! congrats :yahoo: I never feel bored looking at your bags collection, especially with ur creativity in your LV in Action thread. :love: you looks gorgeous ;)
  15. wooohooo go Mich! Yeh im sure your the cause of lots of us wanting new bags!!! Like me and my obsession with the fuschia neo xx COngrats on all of your bags, and have you decided yet? Neo or dentelle!? lol