Nov 9, 2009
I wonder if I'll ever be happy with the purses I own. I'll buy a purse, be happy for a couple months then start itching to buy a new one. It's not like I buy cheap bags either, I have Coach all the way up to Prada and Gucci. Do you feel this way? What's your average time of happiness per bag? I bought two this fall and want to put another one on my holiday list but I know what my family will say! Why can't I be happy with the ones I have, I like them when I buy them. Right now I'm changing daily. I have a red patent Coach I got last Christmas, I've carried it probably a month total and remember saying it will be perfect for holiday season, I hate it. Why? I think I need purse therapy!


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
For me the opposite is usually true, the longer I have a bag the more it's 'a part' of me and I find it very hard to get rid of it.

I am even more perverse, the more I :love: a bag the less I wear it because I am worried I will ruin it so I end up carrying my 'less-good' bags more than those I love best :girlwhack:


What the VEEP?
Nov 28, 2006
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Bag lust is a growing epidemic. I keep telling myself that they are just bags we put our crap in. Usually that helps satiate the hunger for more although I do have moments of weakness.

There is always a new season with more bags that I feel I need. I just remember it's infatuation and the novelty will wear off.

I have to learn to be happy with what I have.

ms p

so blessed
Jan 9, 2007
papertiger that sounds like me for my classic piece :smile:

anyway i think i'm pretty much done buying bags. resell is so bad now i'm getting tired of my buy/sell activities. year end is coming soon so it'll be a good time for me to stop purchase and just enjoy what i have. in summary this is me now:

An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit. –Pliny the Younger


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Oct 1, 2008
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I think this doesn't only refer to bags. That's how people feel in general to everything here on earth right? It's like we never get enough. We always want more n it's a constant race to get even more than what we have now. So we should seek things that are eternal, that can give us satisfaction. :flowers:


Jun 5, 2009
East Coast!
I was the complete opposite. i'd buy target or urbanoutfitters bags every other month and love them for awhile but i'd always be craving something else. when i bought my first designer handbag, i never looked back.


Jul 15, 2007
It is a very valid and normal feeling to always want to get/achieve something more.
I am fine with bags, only get 2/year, but have a bit of an issue with clothes, it always seems I need something more for me to feel stylish. As if I wouldn't already have plenty of beautiful clothes.
Mind you, I never "hate" my older clothes/bags. Are you sure you are getting stuff you really like?


Jun 27, 2007
Neither here nor there
I had the same problem. Then I got involved with another expensive pursuit. That did it for me - I couldn't afford to buy expensive handbags AND expensive cycling equipment. Plus I spend so much spare time biking that I'm too exhausted to shop for handbags.
If I buy a new bag now, it really has to appeal to me. And if I do find one I want to buy, I have it placed on hold, so I can sleep on it. Quite often the lust is gone, after a good night's sleep.


Dec 18, 2008
No matter how much I love the bags in my current collection, I always want more...a different style...a different color...a different designer. TPF has a way of getting that itch started, even if I've just made a recent purchase and swear that it will be the last one because it's the "bag of my dreams". I'm really much more likely to be satisfied with what I have if I stay off of here - but I just can't do it. :P

My average time of happiness per bag varies. I have some that I've used for years and I still love them just as much as when they were new. They tend to be the bags that are more timeless rather than the "it bag" of the moment. The one I've had the longest is a black epi leather LV Alma and I think I've had it for about nine or ten years and it is still one of my favorites. The "it bags" give great immediate satisfaction, but that happiness fades over time.

Even with a closet full of classics, there will always be a new handbag to obsess over.


Purse Obsessed
Jan 24, 2010
I actually stop going on TPF when I feel too addicted to buying bags. :\ A few months back, I started going a little bag crazy and bought 4-5 bags in a month after seeing people doing reveals and wanting a bit of everything.

It scared me in retrospect because I was spending money like it was water, and I used to be so controlled before. I ended up returning a lot of the bags. Trying to pace myself a little better now. When I feel myself having that temptation again, I take a step back and ask myself whether or not I can see myself using this bag a few years from now and how often I can use that bag (practical uses). If the answer is not satisfactory and it will stay in my closet anyway, then I'll back off.

Lol, like yesterday, I was doing Christmas shopping and I really liked the Coach Gathered Leather Sophia and the MK Hamilton. I was also tempted by a LV Neverfull (damier ebene) for school. But the Balenciaga Giant Work has been my dream bag and I already promised myself to buy it after I graduate. I realize that if I keep buying a lot of bags just to help me deal with the waiting period, I'm still want the dream bag at the end of the day. So for more expensive purses, I'll usually wait at least 6 months (ideally, a year) before buying to make sure that it is really the bag I want. :smile:
I get you. It seems the more I buy, the more I want. I kept telling myself that I would quit when I got what I really wanted. I bought the lv speedy 30 that I have wanted for 20 years 2 months ago. It did not fix me. I bought a new coach and a bag off etsy this week. I've got to stop. I will have to avoid online and in person shopping as well as TPF. I think I must take a self impossed fast to get back on track.


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May 23, 2009
I think we all understand here. A word of caution - this forum can be a very slippery slope if you are not careful! There is subliminal suggestions all over! When I started on here, I bought two premier designer bags within one year. That is not uncommon for me except for the price. Before that I would gravitate to designer or just nice leather that was unknown, but it was an education coming on here!

I have been itching for a lambskin leather, suede lined bag since before I joined TPF and am making it my mission to get it. However, I do not own many bags at all! I gave mostly all my bags to my DD and just kept the two that I am referring to. I am actually thinking about parting with one of them as it is not "perfect".

Just keep an open mind, that part of your feeling discontent can be the forum. Outside of this small forum is a world of people wearing many different bags than on here! Also, keep in mind, that mostly every site that sells or talks about bags IS ADVERTISING! It is up to you to pull back the reigns and analyze if what you are buying is what you truly long for. :girlsigh:


Dec 13, 2009
I get you. It seems the more I buy, the more I want. I kept telling myself that I would quit when I got what I really wanted. I bought the lv speedy 30 that I have wanted for 20 years 2 months ago. It did not fix me. I bought a new coach and a bag off etsy this week. I've got to stop. I will have to avoid online and in person shopping as well as TPF. I think I must take a self impossed fast to get back on track.
It does seem easier to buy more once you give yourself permission for the first bag. I tell myself "After this last one, I'm done". Then of course another can't be passed up bag comes along. At least I've been varying colors, sizes, and designers (and some non-designer). I should have every niche in my collection covered. I, too, need to go on that purse diet.
I do not own a credit card, so for me it's easy. Unless I have the cash, I literally can't buy it! It also forces to me to wait, so by the time I have the money I either know 100% that I love the bag, or (and this happens more often) I realize that I really don't need the bag at all and spend the money on something else.