Happiness, isn't that the way we're supposed to feel?

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  1. #1 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
    :smile:I have been trying to pick out my birthday present and have tried several bags, sophia, maggie mia, and kristin pleated satchel. well, I took the maggie mia back Saturday because it kind of hurt my shoulder and have regretted it ever since. so today, I took back my sophia and the pleated satchel and repurchased the maggie mia in the ocean teal. I decided that I will adjust to wearing this purse.. so finally I am happy and really enjoyed shopping today. I told myself buying a purse is supposed to make you happy not stressed out. I also ordered the madison hobo in purple and it should arrive Friday.
  2. Pics!
  3. I will try and get pics up when I receive the purple hobo. I'll have to ask my dil to do it for me. I love the maggie mia, I hope I love the hobo too.
  4. I'm debating getting the teal too!
  5. We'll be Madison purple hobo twins (once I order her on Friday). Enjoy!
  6. You are so right OP by saying that buying a purse is supposed to make you happy not stressed. Glad that you found happiness with your new maggie mia. :smile: Can't wait to see pics.