Happiness is.... a black Ginger!

  1. A few of you know I've been hunting around for a black Ginger for a while now. By sheer luck I came across a fellow Kooba lover who had bought one at a Kooba sample sale and had her stored, unused, in her closet and was willing to sell her, so I made a purchase. She arrived yesterday and she's everything I hoped for and more. I've now got a twin for my tobacco Ginger. Attached are pics of both. I really do love this older Kooba style. The seller has made my day, I'm so grateful.
    Ginger1 - Black.JPG Ginger2 - Black.JPG Tobacco Ginger.JPG
  2. Absolutely beautiful - both of them:tup: So happy for you! Isn't it a wonderful feeling, to be so thrilled with a new bag? What will you look for next?
  3. Wow...love your black bag!!!!
  4. WoW!!! Fabulous!! Love it Mini!!! Tank loves it too!!!
  5. Congratulations! It's such a pleasure when you come across a bag you've had your heart set on, especially the older lines that become increasingly hard to find. I hope you love it - it's size a great size and style and now your tobacco Ginger won't be lonely! :wlae:
  6. I so glad you snared a black Ginger mini...! :yes:

    And I really love your tobacco Ginger. I just dont understand why Kooba didnt release bags in that leather?! It looks sooo yummy.

    I would love to buy a sienna or marcelle in Tobacco....(cue Scenery? ;))
  7. I'm with Halzer---that tobacco is very pretty but the black Ginger is truly gorgeous.
    Now---it's a mini Ginger?? I didn't know they made a mini one!! It looked small in one of the pics but I didn't know if it was a trick--then I read Halzers post!!
    So cool and congrat!!!!!!!
  8. I'm so happy you love it!!!

    To answer the previous question, no it isn't a mini ginger, it's the full size. :smile:
  9. Mini, it's gorgeous:heart:, I'm so happy for you! Even better to get it from a fellow Kooba lover!

    Comma, Halz, comma, LOL..(a man once got killed when a comma was left out)
  10. wow! it looks TDF! I just love the ginger style! I have a carla in terraine and i so want to have a ginger to be its sister lol! congrats!
  11. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I didnt say it was a mini ginger.....Oops, I mean,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Next time I will spell check...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  12. Congrats! Love the Ginger Great Bag!
  13. It's just beautiful Mini - I love it - and sooo happy that your heart is happy! :love: Some bags are definitely, well, keepers to be sure...! :jammin:
  14. Oh wonderful Mini! Congratulations! I really like that bag in black.
  15. LOL!! I'm a dope--I should have figured that out!!
    Gorgeous bag Mini!!!