Happiness in a row~!! :p


Aug 17, 2008
Comfort Zone
1st: Mom & I won a little from Casino Games
2nd: Granny won a little from striking lottery
3rd: DH return home FINALLY TODAY after a long long trip (4months no see)
4th: DH manage to get the H I wanted from Paris :P

I don't know why this one particularly deserve a reveal especially when I haven did any for my Kelly & Birkin.

So proud of myself~! No purchase of new bags for nearly a year~!!
Last purchase was a Birkin in January 2011 from DH (Nope, nothing caught my eyes at all~).

So I would really wanna proclaim that owning Hermes WILL DEFINITELY help you to SAVE in the LONG RUN~!! :graucho:

Oh there, the box is such a major giveaway:

PS: The box is super duber cute~~ So small..