Happiness at last!!!

  1. So I have been pretty indecisive lately (one of the things I intend to change for 2008).

    I have been in search for just a perfect everyday bag. I ended up exchanging my madeline today and purchased an ergo tote. I know the madeline is beautiful but so stiff that I didn't think she would be great to take on all my business trips (ie pack in a suitcase if necessary). This great SA in chicago, that I have shopped with before, knows I love black bags and helped me get a little color in my life with the new jumbo optic scarf and the butterfly key fob!

    I have always liked the ergo line. Perfect for those of us who can't carry a heavy bag!

    Anyway I took it for a spin and I love the bag! It's perfect in every way!

    I head home to Vegas in a few days and I promise pics then!!!
  2. Yay!

    Can't wait to see pics!
  3. Congratulations on your purchases, I love the optic print! Can't wait to see pics!
  4. I love the ergo bags. What kind did you get? I love the new belted leather ones. They are TDF!
  5. Oh very nice bag, congrats. I saw that jumbo optic print scarf on the website and was like:nuts: its so cute. And I have that butterfly keychain too - love it! Great purchases!

    I tried the Madeline on too, but aside from the cute little scarf, I thought they were rather blah-looking (the leather ones, anyway). That is one of the bags that look better in signature.
  6. Belted leather tote...
    I am getting excited for the pleated ones that Liz said are coming out in the spring as well as the new patent leather colors!!!
  7. what a tease! but good choice! i love my ergo tote!
  8. oh pretty! I've never been a tote girl until I carried an Ergo. They are SO light and VERY roomy! Great choice!:tup:
  9. Congrats and nice choice!Post pics when you can ^-^
  10. Congrats I can't wait to see the picture
  11. Please post pics ! I want to see how the accesories look with it.
  12. I love Ergo line too.. can't wait to see pics.. Congrats!!!
  13. Oh can't wait to see the pics , I am thinking a Ergo tote maybe my next purchase in the spring , I hope they have some bright colors for the spring
  14. OMG!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  15. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing pics :yes:

    I haven't seen the scarf yet, but LOVE the butterfly keyfob. Enjoy your new goodies :tup: