Happily Surrounded by H

  1. mushroom is having a great time for sure. :tup:
  2. Before dinner last night, I visited the John Lobb shoe-shine chair at the Mandarin Oriental. The chair is one of only four in the world, and is the only one in Hong Kong. It was designed by interior designer Rena Dumas with wood and Hermes buffalo leather. A 15-minute John Lobb shoe-shine service is offered for HKD150 together with a cup of coffee, and is available to both hotel guests and visitors.

    If you just want to take a photo, it is free of charge. :biggrin:


    Let's go upstairs for dinner with MCC and designer ginny (right).


    One round of my favourite cocktail, the Bellini. :drinkup:


    How do you like my dessert, the Banana Split with a difference, created by the Mandarin Grill's talented Chef Uwe. There was vanilla ice cream in one banana. Strawberry mousse and banana mousse inside the other two respectively. The skin was made of chocolate.


    Edible cigars and ashtray petits fours for MCC.

  3. Yummy food and bags :loveeyes:
  4. Thanks for telling us the story of the chair for shoe-polishing at the Mandarin Oriental.
  5. Interesting story about the chair, love the banana split, it looked very tasty. Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  6. Thanks for sharing Lutz!!! The crab and ur mandarin oriental meal were amazingly yummy!! And Bellini is my face drink too! I just made some Bellini sorbet at home! Perfect for this hot hot summer!

    And of course, i enjoyed the gorgeous H bags eye candy too! Btw, what size is ur lovely bolide?
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    Hey dear tulip, It is 27 cm, in black box. :smile:
  8. A little celebration at the Stock Exchange.


    There was not a dress code...it's just a coincidence. :biggrin:

  9. Lovely Constances!
  10. Thanks Lutz!! Your Hermes collection is to die for!!!
  11. wow, the edible cigar ashtray is such a novelty, same too as the bananas. HK food scene is a real treasure trove.

    Loving that little black box bolide there. :love:
  12. lovely photos and thanks for sharing..

    is designer ginny's KP Ciel gator? it is stunningly gorgeous!

    wave wave to the rest of the HK gang :flowers:
  13. I have never seen the Stock Exchange look so stylish. Love the Constance trio!
  14. It's been a long time ever since I visit the stock exchange there. It flash back plenty of memories. Lovely little bolide.:heart:
  15. :hugs::hugs::hugs: dear Lutz~ such fun fun pics!!

    :tender: mushroom is totally adorable~~ but I honestly think he should leave the Tuna to my Hello Kitty hahhaahhah~~~~

    Wave~ wave ~ to MCC dear and designer ginny~ fabulous meet!!

    I love your shoes at the shoe shine and the top at the stock exchange!!! So wonderful to see you and your lovely collection in action!!!

    You are making me wanting to go back to HK sooooo badly !!!