Happily holiday NM shopping until rude SA shows up..

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  1. So I was off to Rotunda for lunch today showing off my new Hermes Birkin and strolled into Chanel to look around to see what was available. They still have the hobo patchwork, the patchwork classic flap bag, shearling bag and.........

    I was particularly looking at the jumbo flap in black caviar as I bought one recently, and awaiting for delivery and realized that it's HUGE. (now reconsidering). Here I am gazing and the SA said, "You might want to look at this one in a different leather." She pulls the GRAY colored one in Caviar out from the window display and I said, "What's the difference between this black caviar and gray caviar?" She said this while ROLLING HER EYES, "It's different leather." I replied: What's so different about the caviar? (closely examining the bag, thinking I was blind). She immediately took the gray bag and placed it back on the shelf and said, "This is Chanel Jumbo Lambskin." So I correctly and said, "You mean caviar." She just walked away. Then I was looking at the ipod holders to purchase as Christmas gifts for my cousins and she again said, "I don't have an ipod, don't like it, and never will own one, so I don't know if it will fit the one you have."

    Damn this SA had an attitude. There was a gentleman behind the glass case and he was obviously another Chanel SA, but totally ignored me as well.

    It only takes one BAd BAG experience for me to STOP shopping there.
  2. Smells like jealousy to me :cursing:

    Did you get her name? REPORT HER!!! Yea, I've stopped shopping there ever since a bad encounter with a particular Chanel SA there, maybe it's the same one :yucky:

    Now I'm going to stroll over to the Hermes forum to see your new Birkin!
  3. I was so disappointed whilst I was walking in the store and as I walked out of the store, the SA just started chatting with the jewelry department SA. :crybaby: I kept on pacing back and forth within the small area of Chanel to get SOMEONE's attention and the guy who was dressed in khaki (might be the manager), never looked up. He was probably looking over some catalouge.

    I received better service buying chocolates and ornaments than at Chanel.
    Tsk tsk*:shrugs:

    p.s: I figured out that adjustable strap thing on my E/W. I was playing with it and that 'dash' just moved. I was like, "OH that was what Jen was talking about." :wlae:
  4. Eww. I agree with Jen.. looks like someone OD'd on the haterade this morning!
  5. That's awful! I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. At which NM did this take place?
  6. San Francisco...:confused1:
  7. this is why I HATE NM. the SAs at my local NM are rude too.....
  8. I thought it was all about customer service. Even the lady at the return counter at NM for online purchases reversed my shipping charges because the item was 1 week late.
  9. I'd call the store's GM and complain.
    NM wouldn't put up w/ that BS.
    No SA, NM or anywhere else have a right to be so snarky :yucky:

  10. That is exactly right!! At our store, I'd get fired for displaying that kind of an attitude...terrible...You should definitely contact the GM..
    Plus, San Francisco is a tough store...i know that for a fact in handbags...you should try shopping in Palo Alto..Linda in Chanel is fantastic!
  11. I have never had problems with NM SF. Although, the market in that area is really different then say dallas NM where life is alot more slow and mellow...the lifestlye of the people here in SF is FAST and go go go. I dont take it personal, Just laugh and walk away and come back later.

    what other things did they have that were on sale?
  12. loveone7, sorry to hear about your terrible experience! that would tick me off too. i hope you report that SA- that kind of behavior is completely uncalled for, unprofessional and unacceptable!
    i would have asked her, "and, what's the difference between this caviar and the leather on my fab new birkin?" :P
  13. ^^hmmm, maybe{?}
    I find that the SA's at all the NM's I've been to have been exceptional.
    I dress like a normal plain Jane and I get superior service.
    But one can definitely ruin the bunch sometimes :sad:
  14. Yea, I didnt get ANY service from either of the two SA there until I was touching the bags and trying them on. Ugh, I sure hope that guy in khaki wasnt the manager, that would be extremely rude!!

    OMG. I'm SOOO sorry about the e/w thing!! I remember going over my PM inbox and I saw the e/w question but at that time I was at school and then when I got home, I forgot all about it :shame: UGH, I'm so so sooooo sorry!!!! I'm soo glad you figured it out though, ugh so sorry again!!
  15. sigh i hate SAs like that. I'm sorry you had to encounter such horrible SAs! they basically turn any enjoyable shopping experience into a really annoying one. You should talk to the manager about it!!!